Take the first steps

Fiber Community can help you plan your broadband solution from the initial concept through piecing together the funding puzzle. We recognize each community’s projects have unique planning needs and we work hard to understand and address your specific requirements.

The planning process can include developing a concept, planning a solution, conducting feasibility studies, and piecing together the funding puzzle.

A community can realize the need for broadband development for many reasons. Sometimes it’s because residents and businesses are unserved or underserved. Maybe community leaders recognize inequity in broadband delivery. In other cases business leaders recognize better broadband as a tool to spur economic development. Education or quality of life or telehealth needs may all drive the need for better broadband.

Whatever the reasons are for starting down the road of municipal broadband development, one of the first steps is to articulate those driving forces.

Fiber Community can help you frame your desire to develop broadband in terms of public policy objectives. Understanding broadband in terms of public policy helps answer questions like what the public sector’s role should be and how much control the local entities want to exert in their broadband future. If the desired public policy objectives are being met by the status quo, the complex world of municipal broadband development is not likely a good fit for your community.

Once a community has defined its broadband development purpose, it is time to start planning. Planning complex municipal broadband solutions is an iterative process. At its earliest stages, planning is used to select a business model that fits the community and helps meet the defined broadband objectives. This plan should also address desired technology types, service territory designation, and other high-level defining elements.

Fiber Community has helped develop regional broadband strategic plans, broadband development plans for specific projects, broadband plans for individual communities, and more. We are ready to apply our extensive experience to your specific needs.

Like planning, feasibility for a complex broadband project will be iterative. Communities should evaluate feasibility based on the initial plan, after the design phase is underway, when design is complete, throughout implementation, and any time conditions change.

Feasibility may involve community surveys, market research, market planning, deployment cost analysis, operations and maintenance cost analysis, and many other questions.

The right level of feasibility rigor must be applied at each stage of the project. Fiber Community has decades of experience developing feasibility studies and analyzing those done by other entities. We know the rigor parameters required at each stage of the project and can help your community develop realistic feasibility studies and keep them up to date as the project progresses.