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BROADBAND DEVELOPMENT in the US is broken. We have left the development of this critical economic development and quality of life infrastructure in the hands of the private sector. Private sector companies have done phenomenal things but they are driven by profit motives and forced to respond to the pressure of quarterly earnings reports.

This simply is not a good fit for the long-term capital investment required to build state-of-the-art 21st century broadband networks.

On the other hand, broadband services require the entrepreneurial spirit, rapid development and quick reactions to market conditions and demand.

This simply is not a good fit for public sector entities.

By splitting the physical infrastructure and the services environment, Fiber Community helps communities achieve the best of both worlds.

Fiber Community Organization

Fiber Community strives to take advantage of the economies of scale a nationwide organization enjoys while simultaneously offering the personal touch of a local company. To do so, we organize local Fiber Community subsidiaries. These local subsidiaries are owned and staffed by people in your community. But they aren’t on their own. They have access to the expertise, manpower, and resources of the entire Fiber Community family.

Your local team is an integral part of your community and Fiber Community.

Colorado Fiber Community


Established in 2015, Colorado Fiber Community was the first regional Fiber Community organized.

Colorado Fiber Community was born out of Fiber Community’s efforts (working with a variety of partners) to complete regional broadband strategic plans and other broadband development work in the state of Colorado.


Colorado Fiber Community – and its precursor entities – has completed such projects as:

  • Planning
    • Southwest Colorado Access Network (SCAN) Planning and Design
    • Northwest Colorado Regional Broadband Strategic Plan
    • Upper Arkansas Regional Broadband Strategic Plan
    • Northeast Colorado Regional Broadband Strategic Plan
    • East Central Colorado Regional Broadband Strategic Plan
    • San Luis Valley Regional Broadband Strategic Plan
    • South Central Colorado Regional Broadband Strategic Plan
  • Implementation
    • Park County Broadband Planning and Implementation
    • Wray Broadband Planning and Implementation
  • Operations and Maintenance
    • Rio Blanco Broadband Network Operator


Alex Telthorst, General Manager

Alex is a fifteen-year veteran of the technology and communications industry. After spending time on the Colorado Front Range in IT management for several Denver Hospitals and many years with Qwest (now CenturyLink) in their Wholesale Networks Group Alex came back to Buena Vista in 2011 to found Blue Tail Technology, an IT services company that has been taking care of local technology needs in Chaffee County ever since. Later, as it became more and more clear that rural communities had to chart their own course to an abundant broadband future, Alex’s work expanded into broadband consulting, implementation and network operations for several municipalities across Colorado and Colorado Fiber Community was born.


Jim Neff, Senior Network Engineer

Jim has 15-years of experience in various levels of information technology from small business to enterprise. In addition to providing contract network engineering services for government, broadband, education, and businesses, he is a network engineer for a local junior college.

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