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21st Century Municipal Telecommunications

Fiber Community helps plan, fund, build and operate community-wide fiber optic networks enabling private sector service providers to deliver next generation applications including super fast internet, video, and phone.


Municipal broadband development requires in-depth planning. Tap into Fiber Community's experience to help you plan, evaluate, and fund your options.

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Managing vendors in the technical field of broadband deployment can be daunting. Fiber Community can manage any part or all of your project.

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Day-to-day operations and maintenance of a fiber network requires significant technical expertise. Fiber Community can augment your staff or meet all your operational needs.

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Case Studies

Fiber Community has helped plan, implement and operate broadband projects for communities just like yours.

Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA)

Starting in 2004, Fiber Community staff provided project management, senior leadership, and operations support to the UTOPIA project. UTOPIA is a consortium of cities in...

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Rio Blanco Broadband

Planning - Implementation - Operations Following the principles laid out by Fiber Community's team members in the Northwest Colorado Regional Broadband ...

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Northwest Colorado Council of Governments

Regional Broadband Strategic Plan The Northwest Colorado Council of Governments was one of the first regions in the state to take advantage of Colorado ...

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Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments

Regional Broadband Strategic Plan As part of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs broadband planning efforts, the Upper Arkansas Area Council of G...

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